Near sighted

Near sighted

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Photography can have a way of implying certainty.  You get what you see.  A photograph can show a moment, a person, an object.  It can also show a feeling, capture a mood or a story.   

But it can also reveal only part of what is and the assumptions you might normally make are upended.

Names can also lead to assumptions.  What you see up close may not be what you see at a distance.

I'm spending some time playing with assumptions and detail.  It is a part of my continuing journey through what reality is and what it means as I explore what photography means to me.


• Medium: 9" x 12" (22.8cm x 30.48cm) $55.00
• Large: 18" x 24" (45.72cm x 60.69cm) $140.00
*All prints come with a white border to allow for framing.