The other side of this

I went out last night to see the sunset on the first day of stricter rules to prevent COVID-19.

It was a gorgeous, peaceful sunset with all the shades of orange and yellow.  Lake Burley Griffin was calm as some birds happily ducked beneath the surface to find food.  People in twos or threes walked, sometimes with their dogs, or jogged.

The familiar trail of a plane was drawn across the sky as it passed overhead.

But it was a reminder that we are now on the other side of normal.  We won't be catching planes for a while.  The National Museum at the bottom of the image is now temporarily closed.

And the conversations the walkers had were about jobs and shifts and uncertainty now that businesses are having to close and children & parents are navigating the new world of school at home.

It will be very different and unsettling for a while, and scary.  We are all in a different place.

Be kind to yourselves, your families and your neighbours.

And, while we are keeping a physical distance from each other, at least we can all look at up and enjoy a beautiful sunset together.



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