A little more about me.

I had two passions when I was young: One was news & current events and the other was photography.  Both of them I shared with my father.  I chose journalism as my career and have spent a long time reporting on Australia’s national politics for radio, TV and online.  But in recent years I’ve found respite and calm from the political maelstrom by picking up my camera again and exploring the life outside of politics. 


I am blessed with beautiful surroundings.  My home town of Canberra is called the Bush Capital and it is a wonderful marriage of urban and natural.


Unlike journalism in Australia’s Parliament House, photography for me is a peaceful place to be.  It’s just me and my camera and the beauty of the world around me.  Occasionally I’m joined by one of my children who are interested in making pictures.


This blog will likely marry my passions; about photography, politics and being a mother of four & wrangler of two cats and two fish.


I hope you enjoy my images as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.


  • “I am blessed with beautiful surroundings.”
    That is as great sentence because it is about the relationship.

    Len Heggarty
  • Love your photography Lyndall


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